Similar to Micro Private Equity, DITEX offers weekly ROI in LP tokens from the income of several businesses including our potential unicorn: Matchful - world's 1st AI-powered partner app!


Uniting WEB2 and WEB3 strengths with diverse funding approaches empowers investors to support products they need and become entrepreneurs through Ditex infrastructure.


Ditex's innovative product development strategy is driven by market demand analysis and community feedback, which increases $DITEX token revenue.

reward SYStem

The Ditex reward system incentivizes DITEX token holders to hold their tokens for an extended period by offering a share of profits generated through Ditex ecosystem products.


We deeply appreciate our early investors who have demonstrated unwavering support and a shared commitment to our long-term vision. They are the foundation of our success and are regarded as the core of our community. We believe in rewarding loyalty, and our early investors will be at the forefront of exclusive opportunities and benefits. As we continue to expand our ecosystem, we are developing exciting initiatives exclusively for our loyal supporters.


The DITEX team consistently strives to enhance its digital business ecosystem by developing and refining its own products in the form of traditional businesses. These ventures provide a valuable opportunity for investors to engage with the ecosystem through the DITEX token, driving growth and creating a mutually beneficial environment.

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Q1 2023
Private Round
Matchful (ex-Scilove) Demo Development
Q2 2023
Beta Release of CHAIN LOTTO
Community Building
Q3 2023
Public Sale
Scilove Rebranding to Matchful
Q4 2023
DEX Listing
Collaborations and Partnerships
Q1 2024
Matchful launch
Matchful global expansion
Q2 2024
Startup selection
Matchful global expansion

Core team

Our company ethos is centred around a straightforward yet powerful principle: assembling a team of dedicated, multifaceted individuals and cultivating a culture that empowers us to do our best work.
CEO Image
Vilnis Prieditis
Founder & CEO
Extensive experience in business development for over 30 years enables Vilnis to effectively lead all aspects of company operations, as well as to attract highly qualified professionals and investors capable of achieving high results.
Technical Lead Image
Oleksandr Pierkov
Technical Lead
Due to many years of experience working with cryptocurrencies since 2015, Oleksandr has a wide range of knowledge and practical skills in creating utility tokens, as well as in their technical implementation and promotion on the market.
Head of Scilove Image
Edgars Berzinsh
Head of Scilove
With significant experience in product management, fintech business development, and communications, Edgars applies his skills and knowledge to solve complex problems and coordinate project work.
Marcus Pear
Passionate about driving crypto mass adoption and fostering genuine connections through innovative marketing strategies. With 8 years of experience in business and marketing, skilled in SEO, paid search, influencer marketing, and WEB3.0 community growth initiatives.
Arthur Toprin
Community Lead
Possessing extensive experience in the field of web3 and the crypto sphere since 2017, Arthur works as a marketing specialist and community manager. Participating in a variety of web3 projects has allowed him to gain valuable skills in promotion and development.
Martins Vilisters
With nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and a crypto journey since 2017, Martins blends traditional business insight with innovation. As Advisor, he drives strategic growth, navigates complex challenges, and forges blockchain connections.
GTM Strategy for Scilove Image
Edgars Auzinsh
GTM Strategy for Scilove
Setting marketing goals and objectives, implementing marketing strategies, generator of creative ideas.
Our partners

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